Ms. Jessie Potter | Elementary School Teacher
Originally from Carnation, Washington, Jessie joined the Seabrook community in 2013. She graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in English and was drawn to Montessori because of the unique attention it gave to each child’s individual education and learning style. This is her tenth year teaching in a Montessori Elementary classroom. Three years ago, Jessie had an opportunity to co-present a workshop titled "Kindling Imagination in the Elementary Classroom" at the American Montessori Society annual conference. Continuing education is important to Jessie as current research is continuously evolving and integrating into traditional Montessori education. Additional training in Montessori Applied to Children at Risk (MACAR) and Social Thinking strategies have allowed her classroom to provide children with a whole child education that is socially, emotionally and academically balanced. Jessie has also worked with the King County Green Schools program and is always looking for opportunities to work life sciences and environmental stewardship into the classroom.

Ms. Lindsi Fry | Music & Theater Arts
North Coast Montessori School is delighted to offer a dynamic music and theater arts program — uniting students, families, and community members in the exciting pursuit of creativity onstage! From it’s humble beginnings, the music program has grown and flourished along with the talent and confidence of it’s young participants. Attention to detail and individualism provides students with invaluable opportunities to share their unique gifts with others. This small group of kids will continue to amaze audiences with their BIG performances, while looking forward to welcoming new members and even more possibilities along the way. Lindsi is proud to call the beautiful North Beach her home, and blessed to be able to use her talents to enrich this community. For as long as she can remember, Lindsi has had a passion for music, art, theater, and creative writing. Her enthusiasm is matched and exceeded by that of her students, and Lindsi enjoys finding distinct ways for each of them to shine. She is continuously amazed at their accomplishments and can’t wait to see what they do next!